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I've been in my Ryan home since Jan 2014. I decided to get gas heat instead of electric all through the house.

It has been the worst experience. They need a better setup system for the gas furnace so that the condensation that has to leak doesn't freeze. When that occurs it causes the gas furnace to constantly shutoff and the house to be extremely cold.

Its ridiculous, I have a brand new house with problems of an old house. Just disgusted!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Richmond, Virginia

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We just went and looked at one of there "move in ready" homes. The floor plan was awesome.

They got that right. As far as the craftsmanship of the home itself; total ***. Looks good from far away and then when you go in for a closer look at detail, etc, you WILL notice major errors with fit and finish. This includes shoddy drywall work/finishing, corner beads, seams.

The worst part is the finish carpentry, i.e. Baseboards, window and door casings. What really got me was most of the doors in the house wouldn't even close. And to top it off the staircase railing and tie ins to baseboards was the worst I've seen.

I can go on and on... These are not fit for investment; more like money pits.

Not cool but I guess there are suckers born every minute to buy these which is really a shame. Definetly won't be supporting their business model of cutting corners, using bottom of the barrel materials, site management, workers and tradesmen.