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I hope you are reading this message before you signed the purchase contract. If you are one of the victims, I just want to say I understand you pain. If you are a stubborn victim, I can only say: someone had to told you so.

Admit it, if you are considered buying a house from Ryan homes - you are looking for a bargain. But do you know a house is also an investment. When you invest, you look for quality stuff. This is financially.

It is also a place you live everyday. Do you want to see an eyesore everyday?

My sister told me that she Realtor told her that the quality of housesbuilt by Ryan Homes is not good, low quality. Stubborn me, I ignoreher (when making the most important investment financially andemotionally in my life.)

This is the lesson I learned after signing a contract with Ryan Homes(but luckily for me, I "wakes up" in time to cancel the signedcontract - it was a close call):

My advice for home buyer is:

Don't waive any of your rights when signing a contract.(Let me ask you this, if they are a quality builder, would they haveasked to you waive your rights, especially those related to the qualityof the house. You need a legal recourse when thing goes haywire.)

Don't sign the contract without a lawyer or realtor reviewing.

Don't accept any verbal promises. If they can't put it down in writtenform, they probably will not be able to delivery the promise. Plus, itavoid miscommunication.

Do this:If you have any concerns, ask them to put it down on the contract. Ifthey are unwilling to do it, it probably means "NO" to your concern.

After touring one of the unit Ryan Homes is building,I pity the guy who is going to live there. There is an eyesore in thekitchen - the ugly cabinet - for a house someone paid for $200k - 270k!My question for you and myself is that: Are you really saving money?Let's say one out of hundred (I fear one out of three- is the true figure) is going to face this quality issue - how do you know you won't be the one!!!

I tell myself this: There are many houses out there. Really.

After this dreadful house buying experience, I found a new motto:If you want to find a friend who is selling you a house, get a dog.

P/S:You are in control not them. You don't need to use their financing - just tell them you want to same discount but can stay with other lenders or you walk.

Forget the "Must finance with XXX". You can dictate the terms - don't let they fool you. You are the consumer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Location: Richmond, Virginia

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Just so you know Simpson, you should take your own advice. English begins with a capital letter.


Buying a house is probably the biggest investment in your life.

I can't help but repeat my main points again:

1) Get your own lawyer before siging ANY documents (someone trully represents your interest).

2) Find you own lender, they are less likely to lend you the money if the house is seriously overvalued. I am sure NVR will try to be more accommodating. After all, it is nothing more than from the left pocket to the right.

3) Given a chance, if you think the home builders with poor reputation will not cut corner to help payoff their BMW at your expense, you are not being realistic. In other words, if quality of your new house is not a big concern to you, I think you can buy a house from any home builder. If fact, you should pick the cheapest one.

P/S: Pardon my poor command of English. I am slow at learning a second language. I write to share my experience with Ryan Homes. You won't find fine words here, you would have to look up a dictionary of English quotations.


My experience has been very good - see my blog for info: www.buildingwithryan.blogspot.com


I just signed a contract for a home with Ryan Homes. Okay, after reading this...I am a bit scared.

This is my first home and don't want to have any problems like this person. OMG...I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed!


Looks like a pissed off consumer and someone with ryan homes keeps coming back to try and squash him. It's pretty obvious there is an unsatisfied consumer and another person that keeps coming back to argue for a builder.

That person keeps coming to a site called pissed off consumer to stand up for a home builder you really love?? yeah right


First of all, I am glad others beat me to the punch about the language barrier this person has.

But honestly, of course realtors will try to talk bad about Ryan homes because to keep prices as low as possible, Ryan Homes typically offers finders fees instead of a co-op fee.

This means the realtors do not make as much money, so that is why they try to talk Ryan Homes down to a customer. But they do not have to do any work whatsoever. So really they just lie to their client (which technically is illegal).

Ryan Homes builds to all standard building codes and many times exceeds these codes. Some folks should do research before putting up articles about being "Pissed off"


Bart or is it ***

When you comment on someone's english, it is always better to double check your own spellings. It is "then" and not "than".



So you don't own a Ryan home, but are bashing them because of what somebody else told you???

I was never forced to use NVR mortgage... in fact, I had to sign a form stating that I was clearly and specifically told by the selling agent that there is no requirement to use NVR mortgage.


Ridiculous. You have no basis for your argument (or lack thereof).

I did buy Ryan and so far have absolutely nothing but positive things to say.

Yes, it was a bargain, but that IS NOT why I went there to look. I'm sure when you build 4,000+ homes every year like Ryan, you are going to get complaints...but if they come from someone who can't even grasp the english language, than who cares?


You talk about ugly cainets??? You choose your cabinets!!!


What the heck are you trying to say? How long have you been speaking English? What was your point?