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Overall, we like our Chamberlin model home. However, although it's supposed to be the same company, the has been a HUGE difference in support between NV Homes and Ryan Homes.

These particular Ryans were said to be the same quality as the NVs. Perhaps so. However, that means even NV in this particular area isn't impressive. I specifically asked on the walk through about a particular switch, and why I couldn't turn my vault ceiling living room lights on and off from the back of the house.

I found a switch that didn't seem to work. The Project Manager told me it was to an outlet for a lamp. Being I paid over $1,200.00 for recessed lighting in the ceiling, I didn't need a lamp and never used it. However, here we are, out of warranty now, and as I went to change out all the switches from the cheap toggle type to Decora rocker switches, I found the existing switch was NOT a single pole interrupter type, but a three pole with a wiring harness meaning this switch was supposed to be interoperating with another one in the house.

When I bought my home, we were one of the first ones built and I had no one to compare this to. Now, I went to a neighbor's and checked the same switch and found it's what I thought it should have been in the first place. In her home it works, and it controls the optional recessed ceiling lights, which she has as well. If you don't have ceiling lights, then it would probably be for the outlet to control a lamp, but if you do, then it's not for the outlet.

So I was given false information. Okay, so I go back to the builder and am told they're not responsible and they send me to the electrical subcontractor, who also says they're not responsible. Neither are going to do anything, even though they messed up and gave me false information. When I had a different, but similarly unacceptable problem with my previous home, which was a townhouse by NV, they fixed it, even out of warrantee because as the service manager noted, it's something that should not have occurred.

Now I buy a second home from NVR, and for more than double the price, but this time they can't be bothered, even though I addressed the issue while doing the walk through and they gave me flat out false information.

Three quarters of a million dollars for a home and they do this. We are NOT happy and NOT impressed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: False information on walk through and failure to fix the problem right after warrantee ran out..

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Ryan or NV gives the title to the man overlooking the development Project Manager. In reality, he is not managing any of the various contractors that are hired to participate in building the home.

His title should be project coordinator. He is there to make sure the contractors show up through the various stages of construction so that the houses sold meet their respective closing dates.