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the house is pretty and hopefully structurally sound...... my biggest regret w/this purchase is that we have had to replace everything in side this house to include bathroom fixtures, door knobs, wood trim, light fixtures, mailbox flags, hard wood floor boards, door parts, YOU NAME IT!

They are a cheap cheap builder and I would not recommend this builder to my worst enemy. I'm very disappointed.... we got the cheapest and poorest sod, trees, hedges.... just cheap ***.

the model home had a beautiful island in the kitchen so we thought we would love it unfortunately the trim that was used at the floor had absolutely no craftsmanship whatsoever. I'm embarrassed inviting anyone over. Who would have thought that a $300,000 house could be soooooooooooooooo cheap.... shame on you Ryan homes.

your time will come....

when people finally figure out your cheap scams.

Location: Richmond, Virginia

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I have a site dedicated to do what you said, which is making sure their time will come for doing this stuff so long. Maybe there isn't just one truth that described them, but cheap would be what I'd say if I had to use only one word.

Been exposing this over ten years through a dedicated site. You can add your comments there too and more than double your exposure.

The site is currently called The Truth About Ryan Homes and is normally #2 when doing a generic Google search on Ryan Homes. They are constantly trying to push Pissed Consumer off the top search pages, along with my site to cover up who they really are.