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After careful consideration - we decided that we could not build the home we are building now at the same price - especially since we also added the upstairs. So consider us nervous first time home builders - with jitters- we think that we will get a quality home when all is done.

We have to realize too, we wanted it all like most people - we have been impressed by the staff and team. All is settled and they will begin work sometime first of April - realizing it is overwhelming for folks like us who have never built a new home..we have decided we have made an excellent choice - our home should be ready July and August.

Original review posted by user Mar 02, 2017

I believe we spoke to soon on our second follow-up. we were told at our last discussion where we left feeling optimistic that we would get a final copy of the final price.

Some negotiations were made that seemed fair. We were ask to come sign a paper today regarding an added addition/update to the house which would be no charge. At this point while signing the paper my husband noted the final outcome of the cost of the home. Nothing had been formally presented to us after some adjustments to the price were made - so sticker shock - the meeting was not about that - we found out informally by chance today.

We drove away and my husband said you did notice they did not mention the final price -over 16,000 dollars of our firmly stated budget up front -now perhaps we are just terribly naïve - at this point being 16,000 dollars over budget - we are still paying for a refridgerator (which we knew up front was not included) a water softner (again knew that was not included) all the lighting in the house we are paying for separately - also, all the kitchen cabinet fixtures - so we just got ourselves into something we were going the opposite way to avoid - this definitely would not be considered a nearly 400,000 dollar home which is about where we will be close too once settled. So, I have to resort back to my original message of dissatisfaction - we also, specifically talked about island lighting to be roughed in -that was acknowledged and noted at our last meeting - and again, not included - so are we happy - not really - just consider us darn *** - In the end - we did directly what we were trying to avoid - and will be close to 20 thousand over budget when all is said and done. Again, no formal phone call to say - we have your final price - we found out my accident - another just mis-communication of the left hand and the right hand not in sync.

I believe we are nice people - its too late now -it will be the last new home we build - I doubt much can be done now. Disappoints me because of my husbands health and age - again, I guess just feeling a little duped.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Ryan Homes Cons: Kerman.

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Despite the first time jitters of buying a brand new house, the odds are against any quality in construction with Ryan as the builder. You will regret having changed your position from your original posted comment.

My recommendation is to program Ryans customer service number in your phones speed dialer. They say that for every year that a dog lives is equivalent to seven years for a human. For every year that you live in a Ryan home is equivalent to ten years in a normal home. So after five years in a Ryan, the house will have the wear of one that's fifty years old.

Wait until you notice the shoddy workmanship after your house is delivered to you. It's unlikely that your HVAC system will last ten years without several costly out of pocket repairs.