Bought a Ryan townhome and within the year, had so many nail pops in it that it required 9 hours of work by two professionals to fill the holes and fix the imperfections that were left in the wall when painting was completed. Now, 4 months after the repair of the nail pops and major drywall finish imperfections, we are beginning to see new nail pops occurring.

Ryan uses highly unskilled Hispanic labor to do the drywall work and framing and this is the primary reason for the issue.

Don't be fooled like we were, a older home built by another builder would generally have less issues such as this. We will never buy from this company again and strongly encourage others to think twice before doing so.

Location: Richmond, Virginia

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I had a similar issue. Turns out the framing was bad, which is why the drywall consistently fails.

Ryan Homes actually jacked up my house because the framing was so poor that the frame was literally sinking inside the house. Still so many issues though. Patch, repair, paint.

Over and over and over again.


Um, so I'm a drywall contractor. And, this complaint is legit. My drywall has so many pops in my "lovely Ryan Home" that I can play a game of checkers on it.


Nail pops and drywall cracks are normal and expected. It will occur with any builder.

It's caused by the home settling into the Earth. As the seasons change, wood will expand and contract. This causes a "nail pop".

There is nothing you can do to prevent this. So blame your problems on your ignorance, and not the "highly unskilled Hispanics" as you put it.


Clueless Lilly, not your house, you did not see who built it and therefore do not have a clue. How many houses have you owned and had built or built yourself?

Likely not even close to what I have done and seen.

Shut your mouth until you grow up and really learn about quality and what it was before the cheap illegal labor they use now days. ***!


You are racist and retarded. Rewind your comments and play again....


Dear F, I read your response to the folks comment and understand how you can be hurt by the truth. Please open your eyes and come into the 21st century.


Get real ***. The truth seems to hurt.

By the way, its my house and not yours. Look in the mirror and say your screen name!