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Ryan uses low bid contractors, you can tell by the workmanship and the number of problems they have. Major issues, and they don't resolve the issues until you write letters to the president. Worst mistake I've ever made, after nine months, issues like siding has to be removed, terrible drywall finishing, splattered paint, floor installed improperly, drainage problems. roofing issues and it never ends.

When you file a complaint they try to wait you out in hopes that you will forget.

Several residents have mold and Ryan hasn't addressed it, several residents have had their sod replaced because it died due to standing water.

It took them 9 months to replace the driveway, it was pitted and flaking, it was pointed out and noted on the initial walk thru, but never addressed.

The outside unit of our AC was never connected, it took them 5 days to respond.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes Florence House Construction.

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

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While modern technology through the discovery and use of new materials has improved the insulation and comfort of a home. The modern greed of trying to earn a buck the fastest way by hiring cheap labor ruins all of that.

It's one of lifes costly lessons which I have also gone through with this company. A home, especially a brand new one, should be a source of pride and security. Security, say in being cozy and in from a thunder storm occurring outside. My security in my Ryan home was worrying about how many shingles would blow off the roof or siding becoming loose.

This happened often to me, costing me money after my warranty ended. My HVAC system broke down 7 times in the short time that I kept that house. Besides my learning that new homes, or the contruction and profit made by cheap labor is something to avoid. I also learned that many amenities such as tennis courts and walking paths, promised, shown on community plans in that model by the developer and Ryan may never ever get built.

Another mistake is buying anything in an HOA. Here's another lesson learned. When the community pool needed a resurfacing job. The pool was closed for 3 months.

The clubhouse bathroom which was closed due to a leaky pipe was also closed for months. Exercise equipment that was reported as requiring repairs also sit idle for months. Your stuck with the landscaper they use who loves to do continual wheelies around and around your trees on your lawn. This causes tire imprints and dead sod.

Avoid an HOA. You either maintain your own lawn and have the ability to hire or fire whoever you want. You can join a gym or club with a pool. If they choose to take their time repairing it.

You no longer stay as a paid customer. The good thing about buying that older resale that Ryan will tout as a less efficient home. One that isn't in an HOA with all of these supposed amenities that are shown in the community plans is this. That home is built better built and regarding the surroundings of that older home.


There are no hidden surprises. Stores, lake, trails and greenery are already there.