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After living in our Ryan Home for a little over a year, we noticed that several floor boards of our hardwood flooring around the half bath were warped with apparent water damage. After investigating to find where the water was coming from we realized that it was seeping up from underneath the flooring.

Since our plumbing is under a 2 year warranty we immediately placed a call to Ryan Homes. It took calling twice to even get a ticket submitted. It was two days from when we noticed the water coming up through the floors until they had a plumber at our house, at which time it was discovered that the water was coming from a cracked drainage pipe. It appeared that the pipe was more than likely cracked upon installation, our house had been leaking bathroom drainage water for over a year.

This was on a Thursday, we had to threaten legal action to get a remediation crew to our house that day, Ryan Homes felt that the sewage water that was soaking my floors could be left until the following week. Remediation crew came out, through a moisture meter they discovered the water was not isolated to just around the half bath, but had spread as far up as the hallway practically to the front door and back throughout my entire kitchen. They set up a dehumidifier and 3 large fans that we had to leave running for 4 days. We were assured by Ryan Homes that new flooring would be ordered and within a week they would be scheduling a day to come in to demo and thoroughly clean where the moisture was found, including the floors and walls, and then the next day come back to install new flooring and drywall.

We posed a concern that only replacing part of the flooring would cause a possible mismatch in color with the existing floors. We were accused of trying to "scam them" out of all brand new flooring. Not at all our intention. So we waited, and we waited.

Finally after two weeks we called in to check the status of our new flooring. At that time we discovered the order for the new flooring was "lost" and it had to be re-ordered. This is where it gets interesting....Ryan Homes had no intention of replacing the flooring everywhere moisture was found, they only intend to replace the visibly damaged flooring. It seems they feel its fine to leave flooring that has had sewage water leak underneath of it without remediation.

This is absolutely unacceptable to us as the homeowners. After calling back in and expressing our frustration and being assured that the issue was going to be handled and also escalated, we received a phone call from our service manager, who again accused us of trying to "scam" all new flooring from Ryan Homes. Again, never the intention.

All we are asking for is the water damage and moisture to be remediated appropriately so that we don't have an issue with mold in the future. Apparently Ryan Homes is so consumed with saving a dime they are not even slightly concerned about the health and welfare of the families living in the homes they built.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes Plumbing Service.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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