Why can't all of you get together and sue Ryan Homes, it is obvious from the many complaints that they are doing inferior work. They should be stopped, but it will not happen until all of you ban together and stop them.

Bring it to the attention of your local news stations, check with the State Attorney, the health department, the Better Business Bureau, local consumer affairs agency, and any other officials that can help put a stop to their scandalous business practices.

Call around and find a lawyer that is experienced with class action suits. They will continue doing this to other people as long as this is kept quiet.

Location: Norfolk, Virginia

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if it a class action lawsuit , the only one that wins is the lawer. the individual suits help each one ,and gets the most for each person.


I'm on board with this


We have bought a home that is 20 years old in cranberry township, PA. After purchase we noticed a dip in the garage and after consulting with cement companies, we had the cement ripped out.

We were told it was a safety issue and we have it have it completely replaced. We had 3 contractors tell us the same thing. After the existing cement was removed, We found a 6 foot drop, with no fill and decayed metal beams, into our basement. We had to have 4 truck loads of fill added to our garage before it could be recemented.

Has anyone else endured this issue?

We have looked into civil suits etc. we’re not sure how to precede.


My husband and I are looking for an attorney to go after Ryan homes for all the construction problems we are still having. We are in Cleveland area if anyone has suggestions.


We have been duped by Ryan Homes and need help getting out of our contracy ASAP...the poor business practices, cheap labor, lies after lies after lies have got to stop! HELLLLLLPPP!


Let's do it


I bought a Ryan Home in 2002 and from the start everything look ok.I found a whole in the attack wall.Light switches not centered.hand railing very lose.Doors where off a little.Then in 2007 all ( ) broke lose my pipes started leaking so I called a plumber and he said they put recalled piping in this house.I had to put in a claim with my Insurance because it was so much damage from top to bottom.The kitchen and laundry room ceiling had fell in from excess water.My whole house was fluid and I had to get out.I called Ryan Home and they said call your Insurance Company.I was not happy I gave My ins. comp the piping information and they also said that piping had a recall on it.Why did they put that in your home.Claim was very large I had to stay in a Hotel for 2months.Then when you think its over it happen several more times and it also happen to five other neighbors that live on the same block.I just want to know what to do next I ended up looseing my home. :cry


Dear Class Action~ Thanks for your very intelligent observations, actually for the most part these are the appropriate steps for new buyers to try first. In answer to your question from some of us living in the aftermath of shoddy construction, and in my case a hidden defect, ( as defined by an investigative team from my home insurance) which enabled them to not pay any claims on hundred's of thousands of dollars lost, health issues that now led to me being on 8 years of daily medication from being exposed to 7 types of toxic mold which the defect evolved into.

The Statute of limitations is one obstacle course that Ryan uses as a Shield. If you read these comments, note the complete distain and rude synergy from the Contractor. In all fairness, I guess they do get a bad rep, especially if they work for consciousless Builder's (cough), but just the response to this inquiry represents so much of the calamity going on with the victims of today's corrupt Builder's using inferrior low cost building supplies. Visit ryanhomesnightmare.com and You will get facts, no smart attitudes, and over 100 letters testimonies to Ryanhomes wreaking of havoc.

I do appreciate the post with authentic responses to encourage assistance instead of being a loud mouth with a sarcastic and just plain sad commentary. :x


The Ryan Homes from the late 60's is not the same company as today. Ryan Homes is now owned by NVR-and probably a little crazy that you didn't have a home that is over 40 years old inspected.

I am trying to sell my home in Ohio right now, it was built by Ryan 8 years ago and we have never had any issues. We would build again with Ryan but they are not in the state we are moving to.


To: A Good Contractor: since you call yourself a good contractor, I assume that your employees know their hot water lines from their cold water lines-not so in our 1-month-old home. And to think, I always thought that red for hot and blue for cold was universal-EVEN if the employees haven't been in our country that long.


Dont Blame the contractors we provide the service we are ask to provide if you want a custom home build one oh yeah you cant afford it so get an apartment and quit crying


You get what you pay for....they try to keep their cost down so their profits can go up, so they use second arte / second string contractors to build "your" homes....


Tried all those things except class action. Many people have. Rarely an option against big builders, for similar reasons that new homes are exempt from the Magnuson–Moss Warranty protection. People have done class action only to find something slightly dissimilar in their complaints about new home defects which kill the class action qualifiers.

Being a victim of Ryan Homes is kind of like being a hit and run victim where nobody cares, as long as they're not the victim. Like getting a ride from a cab driver that runs over 15% of his customers. Ignore that blood on the windshield and enjoy a cheap ride.

Like the guy before me said, not even for free.


My brother bought a Ryan home on Grand Island (NY) that was built in the late 60's. Sadly I didn't get to inspect the house first.

Never, NEVER have I seen such shoddy workmanship, cut corners and general poor construction in any home I've ever worked on.

2x4 attic joists ???, 3/8s drywall, nothing plumb or square. I wouldn't buy a Ryan Home on a bet regardless of cost.98