I bought a new Ryan's Home in 2014 in Bowie Maryland. Since purchasing, the pop outs in the home are awful.

You get a one-year warranty, but the pop outs takes a couple of years to fully show up. 2ndly, birds got into an outside bathroom vent, because the covering was not put on correctly, and into my wall this was also after a year, I had to pay to have them removed that was a couple of thousand dollars. The hedges in front of the house died within a year. My lawn care at the time took them up and disposed of them but the builder would not give me new ones without the dead ones as proof.

Currently, there is a leak in my roof that I have had local professionals looked fix, and they are saying the roof was not installed correctly. NVR construction built the Ryan home and are telling me that the year warranty is out dated, and they are not responsible. I have never heard that a roof is only warranted for one year. NVR indicated that the shingles have a 30-year limited warranty and the structure has a 10-year limited warranty, but they are not responsible for bad installation after the warranty year.

However, they will be willing to review a written document from the local professionals with their expert opinion. They stressed that this is a courtesy review and no guarantee that they will cover the work.

After paying upwards of $500,000 for a house, the customer service is horrible as well as the product is cheaply made. I would not recommend a Ryan home to anyone.

User's recommendation: Do not buy a Ryan Home.

Ryan Homes Pros: Location.

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how are they not responsible and they build the got damn house. I am having problems with the egress and they are telling me the same thing but we are ready and lawyered up if need be