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well im here to tell you i worked for nvr ryan good many years. and to tell you there homes and quality sucks. its all about the numbers how many you can get out in a short period of time.these homes are built in plants through out the united states, also the grade of lumber. is alot of time the wrong grade. such as no,3 ultility is junk . but were told to use it and spray paint over the grade no. i am very glad i left as well as alot of my... Read more

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Ryan homes is building near our house. The new lots are adjacent to our driveway. However, Ryan has not yet built a road which can access these lots; therefore people drive down our driveway all day to view the new lots. I even had a Ryan homes representative block my driveway with her car, so I had to leave my kids in my car on the street while I tried to chase her down. She was indignant that I needed to get in my own driveway. I had a car... Read more

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Been in my Ryan home 4 years; almost immediately the toilets would grow the black ring in the bowl, when we had clogging problem, the plummber stated that the toilets were referbished from the 1980s, really. Now the microwave stopped heating, there was a recall on the dishwasher. When I replaced the microwave, the side was dented in. Paying almost $600,000 for this house you would think that the quality of applicance sand fixtures would be... Read more

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We signed a contract with Ryan homes under that impression that as long as we did everything in "good faith" to get a loan, then we were in compliance with our contract. Well "good faith" is a very broad statement which Ryan homes used against us to keep our money. We were lied to by a salesman who promised "I have never seen Ryan Homes keep anyones deposit, in fact it is ILLEGAL to keep a buyers deposit." LIES. We provided all the... Read more

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