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I was reading through the reviews becsuse i want to buy a house at the bowie maryland area . I need help with objective comments tjat can help me with this decision

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If you read the reviews here then that's all you need to know regarding whether or not you should purchase something built by Ryan. My advice is to run.

I had bought one and had lived in for 4 years. I had so many out of pocket expenses that followed past my one year warranty that I had felt as if I had bought a handyman special. There isn't any quality or workmanship in any of these homes. Ryan buys EVERY MATERIAL that goes into that home at the cheapest bulk rate.

EVERYTHING! They then contract the cheapest vendors in the area of construction for labor purposes only. Since the HVAC contractors or Roofers aren't supplying the materials. They approach the job with a bad sttitude as they are making very little money doing it.

The on site Project Manager representing Ryan doesn't manage or oversee any of these contractors. They are there to see to it that the vendors show up in the order that they are supposed to so that the home moves towards completion for closing.

Ryan has coordinated a successful money making machine for its investors at the poor expense of the buyers of these homes. I was so relieved when I sold that home and would never ever consider buying another Ryan.