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I have owned my Ryan Home for over 2 years and I have had at least 6 maintenance calls about the lines freezing on my air conditioner, Capital mechanical only comes out to band aid a remedy instead of fixing the problem, I plan to contact local news and consumer reports on this issue, I have been more than a little patient. There have been several other issues with the home as well.

I plan to sell this thing and get out of it when I can while I still have a sound mind. I am very disappointed, because I really thought I was upgrading my home selection from the previous home that I had owned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes Air Conditioner Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Total replacement of the unit.

Location: Williamsburg, Virginia

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I had a total of 7 breakdowns with the HVAC system Ryan had installed. Six of the breakdowns occurred during the winter and 1 breakdown with the central air conditioner.

Six of those breakdowns occurred during the two year warranty. The heating breakdown occurred after the warranty costing me 535 dollars. Two of the four kitchen appliances were problematic from the start. The refrigerator couldn't hold its set temp of 37 degrees and ran continuously.

It was replaced during the first year with one that needed the ice maker to be serviced from jump street. The dish washer was repaired 5 times for leaking. The 5th time occurring after the warranty at a cost of 77 dollars. I suspect that the appliances are refurbished units rather than brand new.

I could go on with other numerous problems that would make this very lengthy. The Ryan stock is doing phenomenal for its stockholders. You realize after buying a Ryan home as to why. The home buyer is made to suffer from the profits that were made from the cheap materials and poor workmanship that was put into the project.

Its like buying a brand new handyman special.

It is said that for every year a dog lives is equivalent to seven of that of a human. Well for every year that your in a Ryan home is equivalent to ten years in a well constructed home.