I also have tons of nail pops and drywall seams can be seen in walls and ceilings all over the house. A wall that cracked during my first 30 days was repaired and now not even 6mo later is cracking again and Ryan homes claims “its normal settling”.

They have every excuse in the book. I had drywall seams showing right after closing on a brand new built home and the excuse was it’s settling already...lies.

It’s called shoddy work

They also told me the drywall paint in the model home has to be touched up every few months...and I will have to do the same with my home. Had to tell the rep that is funny bc my father has a new home that is only 5 years old and not once did he have to do that and had less nail pops than I currently have in my home.

Worst decision I ever made was building/purchasing from Ryan homes!!

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