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At build we mentioned windows being unlevel and they denied it and said they would look and take care of it and didnt. The window finally cracked, and we came in with levels to confirm that the windows had been fixed.

At walkthrough someone misplaced a ladder and it fell on me causing a laceration on my back. My babies were with me and we could have been killed. Then we move in and we have a huge punch list, which when addressed the issues are made worse due to lack of workmanship. It is a year later and warranty is done, and they have not fixed the items.

They have caused tremendous stress and chaos in my home and do not take ownership. The last thing we found is a foundation issue. Our walls are exposed you can see light at the bottom where the floor meets the wall. Water, air, bugs all kinds of things can come through the hole.

Its affecting my electrical bill. Theyve unknowingly recorded us in our home. The last subcontractor slammed our home door because he was upset that he had installed damaged items after the second time it was being replaced and we asked him to remove it. The list is completely overwhelming to say the least.

As of 4/8/21 we noticed the shingles on our roof loose. We also have the following issues:

Crackling floors upstairs

Unstable middle banister upstairs

Carpet coming apart

Unlevel walls, ceiling, granite, vanity, toilets

No padding on the second floor carpet where carpet meets the wall

Wrong door brackets and bent brackets

Inconsistent paint color

Mailbox installed without concrete

Showers cracked

Kitchen cabinets with water


Doors sticking

Walls exposed to the exterior

Unfinished walls


Weve reached out S.C. Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation

110 Centerview Drive, Columbia, S.C.

29210 which is now investigating Ryan Homes. If you have experienced any issues I highly recommend you reach out as well.

Twitter: @SCDLLR

Facebook: @SCLLR

Website: www.llr.sc.gov

User's recommendation: Beware Don’t buy from Ryan homes.

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That would never passed an independent inspection. Homebuyers need to educate themselves and hire an independent inspector the builder cannot force a close on the house if that inspector was there.