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Poor craftmanship

my wife and I live in a community in Dover Delaware built by Ryan homes and I tell you my 5 year old son could have built a better house. From the outside it looks beautiful but on the inside there are so many flaws in this house its crazy. this house is just a little over a year old and base boards by the stairs are coming away from the wall. the wall line itself is crooked in some areas and it is very poorly insulated. There are no options for better insulation like spray foam to better insulate the house and there several cold zones in the house as well. I strongly recommend that none under any circumstances should buy anything with Ryan homes name on it or anyone affiliated with them.
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Buyers fault

The problems with Ryan Homes (which are many and pervasive throughout the company) are almost as much the buyers fault as Ryan's fault. Every person on the planet knows that Ryan encourages dishonest sales practices, uses the cheapest building materials available (Patriot windows as an example) and untrained tradesmen (they show up in unmarked vans looking like they just came off a weekend of hard drinking). People are buying these homes because the homes are large and inexpensive. As the saying goes – "you get what you pay for". What makes someone think that one builder can build even a marginal quality home at 30% less than the market price for good quality homes. Buyers undoubtedly read the complaints but go with Ryan anyway hoping their experience will be different (it wont). Companies like Ryan and Maronda Homes have forced smaller good builders out of the market so consumers like me are forced to wade through the reams of *** homes for sale to try and find a decent house (there aren't many built in the last 20 years). I hope that the roofs cave in on every person who has a Ryan home built so the Ryan communities can be bulldozed over and a decent builder can come in and start over. It's as much the buyers fault as Ryan's fault – use your head.
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sickings me, buyers fault? maybe for trusting and believing in ryan homes


what kind of person are you?Wishing bad to to everyone who bought ryan homes.I think you are a builder who can't sell his stinky expensive house in this bad economy


Just why do happy home buyers search every complaint site that has Ryan Homes and NVR on it to post happy reviews and discredit people who had problems.

Doesn't matter who's at fault.

If things do go bad, buyer's will pay. An expensive education for first time homebuyers.


Quite frankly, I don't trust any company. I verify everything I can to my full extent. It amazes me that some folks decide to buy a home, visit it once or twice during construction, and then show up for settlement. They are then surprised when they move in and there are problems.

When I bought my Ryan home in 2003, I came to the site at least 4 times a week. Took pictures and video throughout, spoke with the site supervisor, and gave water/gatorade to the contractors. Why, because I wanted them to know they were appreciated and hoped that they would err of the side of doing a better job. Should things have to be like this, no, but they are. It is the same in many other fields. Is it a perfect house, no, but I haven't seen a perfect one yet.

Very nice to wish that everyone's Ryan home caves in.

And not sure why Obama had to be brought into this discussion. Please stop the hate. The republicans had there chance, they screwed stuff up, the dems will fix it, and you all will get your chance to screw it up again.


Lovely to wish hardship on other people. Wonder if you believe in KARMA?

I owned a Ryan (didn't build it) and loved it. I also built an NVHome which is Ryan's sister company and it was great as well. It depends on the project manager.

Some are great, others are not. I don't think Ryan is FANTASTIC like a custom home builder but I think they build a decent product.


Having gripe site about Ryan Homes for ten years+, I get your point. I post many of the complaint letters I get, and lately, they admit they saw my site and many letters of complaint before buying, but still thought "it" wouldn't happen to them.

It's still hard to understand how people would make such a large purchase from a company that has caused so much human misery, and they're actually proud they can get away with it.

But I also get it to a point. The ads are slick, sales people are trained liars,and they just want to believe they are going to get this dream home that seemed beyond reach if they had bought a real home. Like buying that Obama slogan, yes we can, that's now mostly I wish we could have. So they hope for the best, then later hope they can unload it when they find out how bad they screwed up, so the next buyer doesn't know.

I'm also real impressed with how much they give to their causes as philanthropists,(Dwight Schar) while at the same time they often wouldn't even urinate on their customers if they were on fire. Their organization is a real class(less) act.

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Wexford, Pennsylvania
Ryan Homes House Construction
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Ryan Homes Does not care about buyers AT ALL

These people saw me coming a mile away. I was vulnerable and they used it. It was VERY VERY apparent that I COULD NOT afford to buy a home, however, these *** needed the sale so bad that they didn't care. After I was DENIED by NVR they wanted me to go to lender after lender, meanwhile my credit is only getting worse and worse. It took the threat of my lights to be turned off, and the threat of eviction for me to stop the purchase of this home. After borrowing money over and over again, I'm still in the hole and fighting to get my money returned that they were well aware I had no business giving up. This company has no care for anyone at all, if they did, they would have told me up front instead of telling me I could afford it only to deny me later...Don't trust them, they put the pretty and personable people out front for a reason.
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I am very disappointed at Ryan homes in Westminster, Owings Mills, and Columbia, Maryland also. Their Sales Rep told me I did not even qualify for a home that was in my price range.

I asked him if he was a loan officer, and he told me no. I said then how do you tell me I don't qualify if you are not even a loan officer? I am a Realtor and felt as though I was being steered away from buying the home I wanted, even though my income of over $7000+ a month should have qualified me. They never even took a loan app or asked me to fill out one.

I thought the loan officer was in charge of taking your info and sending it to underwriting. This company has bad employee's who are not trained at all. I am looking elsewhere because I don't feel as though my information was well received or wanted. This is *** poor business practice to have a sales representative being in charge of the loan process, instead of the loan officer.

I even complained to the head of the loan office in Columbia, MD and was told that they are doing their job. A class action lawsuit is definitely what Ryan Homes needs to get their program together.

I have went to another loan company and they told me I was not only pre approved, but I should have no problem getting my loan. This home builder evidently doesn't get it, but the economy is bad, and to have customers in line to purchase their homes, they should be chomping at the bits for sales.


You people are ridiculous. Mean as well.

There is no reason to act like that. I'm sure that person did know. NV/Ryan homes is a grimy, underhanded business....would you all say that it's is the person's fault if they were sending personal information to other lenders? Having other lenders run a person's credit and 'forgetting' to tell the person that they did that?

No reason to act like that.

If you look, there are PLENTY of complaints about that company, you go after the one person that you can. Not cool.


People like you make me sick. What ever happened to self responsibility.

You act like they put a gun to your head.

If you are going to take the step of making a huge purchase, like a home, do your homework, and stop blaming everyone else for putting yourself in that position. Pathetic.


AMEN, Jim! I'm all for assessing blame where blame is due...and it's NOT Ryan Homes fault you signed a contract you couldn' afford. These people should GROW UP!


Sorry but you should know your budget prior to going to purchase a home. If someone was to tell me that I could purchase the Golden Gate Bridge do I believe them?

They are in the business of selling are in the business of handling your finances.

NV/Ryan look at GROSS income and don't know your individual situation like YOU do. As someone who has made financial mistakes in the past I can put the blame where it belongs here..with you.


I am so sorry that this has happened to you though I am not surprised by it!!! I have a Ryan Home and they do not tell full truths and will push and push and push you in to buying a home.

I am so disappointed that I purchased from them and wish I would have looked around at other builders in my area.

My new home buying experience should have been a wonderful experience and it was complete stress to the point that I became ill from it....Do not purchase a home from Ryan!!! I hope and pray that your financial situation gets better!!!

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Dundalk, Maryland
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they lied. pure and simple they told me they never back out of communities yet when the going to got tough they left. left thier homeowners high and dry, they did what was best for them. I will etell you now do not buy a ryan home. They will lie to you. this was not just economy. they dumped this neighborhood. I believed in them and they lied. Do not trust them. Do not buy in ANY neighborhood that is not completed by Ryan Homes. They told me when I bought they saved communities .. bull they through us under the bus.
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Charlotte, North Carolina
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told me they never back out of cummunity .... they did and left many standing with 500k houses and now cannot sell them. they backed out when going got tough . they watch out fo themselves. i would never do business with them again . be wise dont buy. you will loose money. they hire great saleman that will lie to your face. sell their soles to satan to get you to buy a house. if it comes to good of community or the good of company your done. they will sell you out in heart beat. they abandoned this community and it was one to the premier communities.
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I have the same problem. it is piece of ***


please tell me where this adanboned community is- szince I need a place to stay and it is better than living outside! plainjane411@***.com

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Charlotte, North Carolina
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Dont trust

they told me we never leave a community they did mine and now were screwed.i will never buy a ryan home and neither should you. they told me all brick community ...lie.... tole me they would not leave community ..... lie ... nothing but lies when the going got touch they got going. they lie to you about thier promises, they told me we save communities .. through us under the bus. do not buy. do not buy. they cannot be trusted to stay. they will tell u one thing and do another. they will tell you what they must to sell a house. promises promises.
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Charlotte, North Carolina
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We are in the process of buying a Ryan Home and we feel duped. When we first went in to look at lots we were told we could build any model on any lot. We picked a lot and even put down a deposit to hold that lot. We were then told that we could not build our model...
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Run..Run..Run as fast as you can from Ryan Homes. If you think what you are going through now is an issue just wait...I have a Ryan Home and have been in it for 3 years now and I'm still having problems that are costing us even more money. Run...Run...Run as fast as you can!!!!

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Holtsville, New York

Ryan Homes does not build quality houses

I have found that Ryan Homes uses the poorest grade of materials that they can find and they are not honest with their home buyers. I have caught my project manager in numerous lies and they try to give you poor quality, hoping that you will not notice and say anything. My project manager lied to us about the order of our yard being put in, and then the landscapers used (without my knowledge or consent) our hose to fill up his 500 gallon hydroseeder. Our project manager also promised us that the pipes and sewer caps in our yard would be buried, but he reneged on that as well. I would not recommend this company, especially in Avon, Ohio. My friend built a Ryan Home in North Ridgeville and her experience was better. Do not gamble your money with this builder. Use another builder.
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I am so disgusted with Ryan Homes. We settled on our home in York, PA in August 2009.

We have had major problems with our HVAC and they have tried everything to patch up the problem w/o fixing what is wrong with the design in the first place. When they come back at your 10 month inspection they will send out the cheapest and most unskilled laborers who often have to come back 2-3 times for the same problem rather than paying for someone who is qualified to make the repairs right the first time. The drywall repairs have been horrendous and I have been fighting with the project manager over it for the past several months. Now this week I have water leaking into my basement from my "radon" pipe, when I called Ryan Homes they said they never heard of that, yet when I attended my homeowners association meeting last night come to find out several people in my development also had the same problem.

Ryan Homes pays no attention to detail, they will cut corners as much as possible and then cover it up with drywall hoping the homewoner never finds it. There web site and all of their sales pitches emphasizes their customer service but when it comes down to it they are far from providing good customer service.

I dont know if other homebuilders operate the same way because we only looked at Ryan Homes because it was in an area that really liked. Buyers beware, and read everything, talk to homeowners who are already living in the development to get their opinion.


Why would you lay down carpeting before all the final painting,staining & touchup is complete? Workers are careless & sloppy.

Don't give a dam.

No pride in their job. Found cigarette butts & beer caps on property.


I agree cheap labor, workers who don't care. No attention to detail.

Work is not done in an orderly menu. For example, going over drywall mistakes & retouching is done after the carpet is layed. Dust all over. Beautiful wood floor was never covered & is filthy.

Where carpet was installed it chipped wood floor. Too many

small defects which is very aggravating. You have to point out every little thing to the project manager who is not on top of his job.

Lot of money to put out for a finished project like this. :sigh

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Chicago, Illinois

*** placing of garage in front of house

A Ryan Homes ad in today's Phila. Inquirer shows a 2-car garage approached in the front of the house, with what appears to be two rows of bushes planted in front of the garage, with no hard surface in front of the garage. It's absolutely *** and silly. Further, the garage takes up about half of the front of the house, and with the entrance, it takes up about 70% of the front. Assuming that an owner would want to remove the misplaced plants in front of the garage, how in the world can you do any landscaping when you have only about 30% of the front available, all on one side of the front face? Homes like this have the potential for beauty, but when the the garage entry is in front their beauty is spoiled. Garages would be best if placed as a separate building in the rear of the property. If builders include the garage as part of the building to try to make it look like a big house (They must think they're fooling people.), the garage should at least be put at the back of the house, with the entrance on the side. Often people use the garage or part of it for storage; when the door is left open, the sight is usually far from neat or attractive. Often, they make a room out of the garage by removing the garage door and walling up the opening; this often looks strange or ugly, because it never matches the construction material of the rest of the house. Further, if all or many of the houses have garages in front, people park their cars on the driveway in front of the garage (or its converted room) and the street begins to look like a damned used-car lot. If builders think they must make the garage a part of the house, they should do themselves, their potential customers, and the communities a favor and put the garage in the back and its approach from the side – for greater beauty, better curb appeal, better street appeal, and better neighborhood appeal. My friends and I would never buy a house with the garage in the front. Builders should keep no-car clutter in mind, even if they have to make the building lot a little wider and less deep. I couldn't send these comments direct to Ryan Homes, because they don't have their email address on their website. Maybe you can forward this to them.
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Saw the same picture. It is indeed a model home, they'll yank the bushes & do the driveway in settlement.

I think nowadays, most people - like me - prefer an attached garage. I agree that front entry is least attractive - though I've had 2 such houses, in 2 different states - but it's an issue of lot size / placement in many cases.


Three cheers for this site. I agree. These houses look horrible.

It is true that the lots aren't wide enough for a rear entry, especially as alleyways are a thing of the past, but it does seem that companies like Ryan go out of there way to make it look like a garage with a house attached.


It's a model you ***


Putting the garage in the rear is often not an option because there simply isn't enough room on the lot. You say to just make the lots a little bigger but many people wouldn't be able to afford the home then because the price of the land would drive up the home cost.

This to me sounds like a personal preference issue and shouldn't be posted on a website titled "pissed consumer" where it makes it appear as though the company referenced is providing a poor product.

It is just one that doesn't fit your arcitectural desires. "You can't please everyone"


the picture with the garage with flowers in fromt is most likely a model home where the office is. we have been in many of these homes and they have all been the same.. with the flowers in front of the garage door.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Ryan Homes House Construction

Never no one their

They have new constuction in Hardyston nj,and their is never no agents their to show the homes even thou the sign says some one should be their!The seem to hire realtors from hours away,not good work ethics,lazy no show agents!!!!We liked the homes but can never get in to view them.Called a local realtor and he was nice enough to come and try to help us,but was unable to reach an agent,the office told him they dont give their cell#s out,Ryan homes should have hired him,so we are moving on,you stink!!!
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Denville, New Jersey

Ryan Homes BEWARE

Absolutely the worst home I have ever owned. Cheap fixtures, poor trim, barely acceptable construction methods, I can go on and on. My house is poorly insulated (bare minimum)my gas bill is crazy in the winter. No wall is straight they had to redo everything. The plumbing doesn't line and nothing is normal stuff you can get a supply store so repairs are a lot of fun. You must have a home inspection done and make sure they fix everything before you move in or you will get stuck. Their warranty people break and damage things when they come in to make warranty repairs. It has been a nightmare dealing with these people. The sales people lied about everything including trim and appliance upgrades . Do yourself a favor and don't buy from Ryan Homes
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ESB, if you are still out there... I am currently having a new townhome constructed and am unable to be there to view the work in process on a daily basis.

However, I plan to get to the site at least weekly. Based upon your experience, do you think I would be able to catch any project flaws visiting at that level of frequency?


Second owner of 2005 Ryan home. Found muddy footprints under carpet pad when replacing carpets...throughout house. Garage walls are cheap plastic, no OSB, plywood.


If you think it cant happen to you, trust me it will.. Any of you who had a "pleasant experiance" consider yourselves lucky,and in 5 years let us know if your experiance is stiil great when the sheetrock falls off the walls..

We didnt think believe it could happen to us and honestly we had lees things wrong with our NEVER renovated 40+ yr old previous home... THIS COMPANY SUCKS!!! They use the cheapeast builder grade *** and even some of the upgrades are pure ***!! Let me put it in simple terms for you, if another builder comes in 40K more for the same sq footage pay it!!

it will be well worth it in the end.. The workmanship in these homes are the worst,the workers dont have a shread of pride in what they do and it shows in every aspect of the home.

I could go on for pages but this site and others very much speak the truth on this builder. The only way things will change is for people to stop buying their products..If I had to do it again I would have a house build by a verified custom home builder or rehab another 50 yr old home that a builder took some pride in building..


I am having a Ryan Homes built and am supposed to close on Friday. I have MULTIPLE complaints.

I have been in on the building process this whole time and never found a problem until we did our walk through. I found about 50 big nicks in our walls, awful paint jobs, muddy fingerprints all over our front porch, nail pops and cracks already,granite on our fireplace was a different color on one side, holes in the ceiling and a very pissy project manager that was annoyed it had to be fixed and acted like it was okay for all this to be here. The project manager said he hired cleaners but yet the inside was filthy. There were scuff marks on bathroom walls, stairs, and dirt all over the bathrooms.

Two light fixtures that were paid for weren't put in also so luckily we caught that. Also, NVR Mortgage called us two days prior to closing and came up with a random excuse postponing closing.

If I had to redo this again I would NEVER EVER buy a Ryan Home! Definitely read up on reviews before you purchase!


Umm....ok. So I am 2 weeks from closing on my new Ryan Home and I have to say, we haven't had any issues. When I see posts like this complaining about fixtures, trims, uneven walls, etc - I just want to ask did you not look at anything before you signed your paperwork? We knew exactly what the fixtures looked like and if we didn't like something, we upgraded as much as we could. My favorite are the people who are like - oh I thought there was a window here, because I saw it in the model. Well, did you ask them if that was a standard window? I'm not trying to belittle anyone, but if you are going to build a home, you need to ask questions. You need to look at the blueprints they show you of the home you picked. You need to familiarize yourself with basic knowledge of building homes so that if you feel something isn't done right, you can speak up. All these complaints are happening AFTER people move in - well, people are human and make mistakes, it happens. Hey, Ryan tried to give us wiring for a light they we were supposed to have. So we asked and they said, yup, that was a mistake. The next day, they corrected it. So be in on the process - then you won't get screwed in the end.

With the building process - we have been to the homesite and then in the home during this process every day or every other day. We caught things that didn't look right or weren't to our satisfaction the day or week that it appeared. So getting close to closing, there are two minor things that need repaired and actually, as of yesterday, one was taken care of. So do people not care about their new, dream home being built until they close? My goodness - the people building our house know us now because we are there all the time.

Just because you are having someone build your home doesn't mean that you can sit back and make the assumption that everything will be done perfectly. No - I am NOT a Ryan employee. I'm just a smart consumer. We haven't had a single issue with Ryan or NVR throughout this process. In fact, we had a rather pleasant one - from the sales person and project manager to the loan officer and settlement team.

Oh - and as a suggestion - use an agent when you go to buy/build. If you don't feel comfortable speaking up - then have them do it for you. We did and we ended up with incentives and a much smoother process.


Ryan Homes has energy star certified homes as of 2010. They get inspected for good insulation and tight construction with no leaks.

Our house is a new one and it is great. Lower bills than ever before.

The standard fixtures (lights, plumbing) aren't the prettiest, but nicer ones are reasonable upgrades through them. My sales person was honest - let me know what upgrades look nicer and there were no surprises.

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Baltimore, Maryland
Ryan Homes House Construction


Homes sales in the North East MD, a bait and switch takes place. The website Ryan homes offers several models homes for sale. I went to the location with the idea of purchase a home but when I was ready to complete the deal, I was told that I must use Ryan's Mortgage Company ( Points plus over 10,000 in closing fees). The bottom line: They refused to sell me the house if I did NOT use their lender. At the last minute manager told me that I could have the house, using my own mortgage but he would not include the Basement. After that experience my rating for Ryan Homes is "D-" BUYERS BE AWARE
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I just purchased a home that Ryan Homes built back in 2006. The concrete work out front is falling apart.

Ryan Homes blames the previous home owner stating they used d-icier. I investigated further to find out that Concrete experts as well as the ACI (American Concrete Institute) both say that the concrete used at my house was not entrained properly. Bad bad Ryan Homes for lying. Ryan Homes then calls me to tell me I dont know what I'm talking about and there is nothing they can do, jerks.

I asked why concrete sidewalks in my town (at least 30 years old) dont break up the way mine is? Onl;y explanation, Cant answre as to why the towns concrete isnt


Do yourself a favor. Get you own lender, they are less likely to lend you the money if the house is seriously over priced.

I am sure NVR will try to be more accommodating.

After all, another name for NVR is Ryan Homes Mortgage.

At least talk to a mortgage broker before committing to NVR. I gained a lot useful information after talking to one broker.


You cant be required to use their lender but you can recieve incentive to do so, this sounds like the case, I just bought a Ryan home and got 4.25% and finished basement. After shopping around the financing, the next closest rate was 4.75 at bank of america. Did you compare the other lenders?


We purchased Ryan home used NVR financing 2008 in Western New York, had minimal construction defects, which they fixed when we notified them. Overall satisfied.


I don't see the point on getting upset over the financing part. This is very simple, if you have your own loan you might get a better closing deal and no point or less interest and closing costs.

If you go and use their financing options you get their incentives.

This is everywhere with everything new you buy.Do some homework first before buying a new house, this is big, Do as many questions you can before taking a decision.

Nobody will obligate you to buy something if you are not comfortable. This should be a great experience not the opposite.


That is 100% correct, if you don't use their financing you don't get the incentives. To me, my own financing was worth more to me than their incentives, however, in NY their current incentive was 1/2 off your first $15,000 in biggie there, I just got the upgrades I could afford.


I just bought a Ryan home and was told that if I didn't use their financing I would lost $27,000 in incentives. Since I plan on paying the house off after my current house sells it wasn't a big deal to me.



I just bought a Ryan home and they encouraged me to use my lender if I could get better financing elsewhere!

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East Brunswick, New Jersey
Ryan Homes House Construction
New Reviewer

Ryan Homes

I have to say that I am happy with Ryan Homes. I have a blog that is detailing my experience. Go to Maybe so many customers aren't happy with Ryan Homes because their cities don't have adequate building inspectors? Our house has been inspected and reinspected multiple times and permits pulled, clearances issued, etc. Their rating with our Better Business Bureau is A+. I encourage you to get the fact for this builder wherever you are going to build with them. And just remember, happy customers just go about living their lives - it's the ones that are unhappy that take the time to make noise.
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I thank's God i didn't do business with Ryan .

They pissed me off.


Amy - you are either a Ryan sales rep or a complete *** (actually, now that I think of it, the two are mutually inclusive - that means one in the same Amy).


I agree!!


Good luck posting on gripe sites to try to clean up Ryan Homes hard earned horrible reputation online empty/Amy. It's cheaper than fixing the endless supply of their defective homes.

Who doesn't have products they're happy with, and they look up every COMPLAINT site possible to post how happy they are.

You can put anything here, they don't care. This site is about Google ads revenue. All I'm going to keep getting is 10s of millions in forever lost customers who wisely walked from Ryan Homes.


If you want legit true facts on over 100 current victims of owning, or during purchase of a Ryan Home, go to this website!

Amy, Your compliments after my own experience ownning a Ryan Homes Home are repulsive, reprehensible, and might I inquire if You are so bold to advertise for Ryan Homes, be fair enough to do the research, go to!

I myself have lived a 10 year nightmare because my Father before he passed away, picked out a Ryan home that I had built for me. Turns out it had a hidden builder's defect, I have documented proof, I even informed Ryan Homes and NVR, and their board of Directors(certified letters), only to be told to just try and do something to them because they have basically an army of Lawyers, no concern for our wellbeing, only threats to try and make us go away by their attempts of intimidation!(Basic summary) I mean I understand liability issues, but seriously, if they were what they boast about, wouldn't they have been the first to at least offer to make ammends for the devastations? Can you spell consciousless? No, not even once: How can we offer to make restorations?

Not once. I got exposed to 7 different types of toxic mold and developed 2 immune disorders, went from finacially secure to having my every root I had worked for and saved, ripped up and am having to figure out how to restore my life. Only with Prayer assistance can I abstain from abstaining from swearing here, which most would fill the page with having my own personal experience to go on. And before You think I am uneducated, Think again, Well educated, *** Laude infact!

Not only are I and my Significant Other still trying to recover our health, and financial ruin, but we get letters all the time now, as we serve as unpaid Advocates for current victims of this Builder( Ryan Homes/ NVR). I wouldn't waste one precious moment of my time reading your \"Compliments\" just as I doubt You will go and read our factual website, and the letters we get on a regular basis.

It must be just Rosey to ignor current facts, because You choose to live in your Glass house. Just hope You don't have a hidden defect in your own Ryan home \"Castle\" ( Just The Facts!) :( :x :upset


Amy, if You would have had over 10 years of devastation, health repercussions that required you to be on medication for 8 of those years, previously financially very secure, and because of purchasing a Ryanhome that had a hidden defect, as determined by an investigative team from your Home Insurance: You would never be giving props to this unethical Builder, they are not a name to You can trust, they are a Builder everyone should run just hearing their names! Those are Facts, most people happy with Ryan Homes and NVR are on their payroll. :(


where do you live?


where do you live?


@ Jax & @ RyanHomes_I_will_take_a_pass:

that's right, it's "planned" because if anyone has something positive to say about anything, they must be fake, work for that company, or be benefiting somehow from it - I mean REALLY - I couldn't possibly truly be who I say I am



This is a planned Ryan Homes Ad posted all over the place to counter the bad Internet complaints they've earned.

Buy an NVR product and your buying from a fast food restaurant formula for building homes. Cheap is their priority, and corners they cut just to save a few dollars building have put thousands of buyers through ***.

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Toledo, Ohio
Ryan Homes House Construction
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Very Displeased with Ryan

I will like to say I have lived in Kingsridge Rd in Eastern Henrico since June 1, 2008 and very unhappy. It was always an issue, it took about a year to get pavement, we had to drive on rocks, constantly g et service on cars for the unpaved parking lot. Then the builder went bankrupt. Then I then started getting a leak from my master bathroom, this was told to me that it was my fault because I didnt caulk my bathroom... Then just recently my closet fell down, nobody tells you how much can be stored, then once it falls, you can tell they didnt use a stud finder because it was on air, not proffesional at all. Now washing machine *** broke, now I have a flood. So I'm calling customer service and continue to get a voicemail. Less then two years and so many problems, If you can help it, dont buy with Ryan, good name but not quality work, take it from my experience
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Richmond, Virginia

They lie about upgrade,cement walls and master bathroom upgrade floor

I build a Ryan home 03 everything went wrong,from ceiling to rotting floor my floor is coming apart,it squeak through the whole house.My master bathroom floor is rotting away,ceiling is also rotting.I would not buy or tell some one to buy Ryan homes again.It is poorly constructed what so ever.The sale person lies about the promotions too.I also had an upgrade on the basement floor and the rough in pipe for the bathroom floor was placed in the wrong position.They also said they would fixed the big gap in the cement wall,but they lie again.
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Rochester, New York