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Poor materials falling apart

We bought a Ryan Homes and were so upset about the products used in the home. They used the lowest priced prodeucts and generic windows, air conditioners, lumber, etc... The models look great but after living in home for 6 months you see warped walls, shaky floors and teh air conditioning and heating is SO LOUD. we called a technician who told us it is the worst product on the market and he has been to several Ryan Homes homeowners to fix and replace the problem. Talking to other repair men in the field have said the same thing. It is the old saying of you get what you pay for. To me, I wish I spent a little bit more to have a well built home.
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Sounds like you saved a lot money when you purchased the home. Now take some of that savings a replace the products with what you want. Sounds like a Win-Win to me.


Amazing how repairman in the industry who stand to gain work, bash any competition. Beware of the advice you get from those who are billing you!


Amazing how repairman in the industry who stand to gain work, bash any competition. Beware of the advice you get from those who are billing you!


Very True!!! They use cheap material and unprofessional labor to finish the job.

I was victim who will not fall under 'You get what you paid for', I paid more got a cheap home. It was costly make, I request people not to dare to buy the junk Ryan homes(soon end up repairs).

Buyers Beware!!! Another pissed customer..

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Baltimore, Maryland

RYAN HOMES - All for the $ and no consideration

All I can say is Ryan homes sucks. They allow no consideration for exisitng home owners, undercut and kill market value with their cheaply built "low priced" homes. They shove big houses on little lots with no consdieration for neighboring home ownners. No matter...make the sale. Hey, if you want a house with shingles put over a wet roof (yes they roof in the rain) an if you want floors that were saturated with water before they finished them...have at it. Lets not forget wood materials laying on the wet ground for days before they even construct the home. There houses are built like a doll house at best and they have dont nothing but kill our nieghborhood and property values.
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Your local zoning departments dictate the distance a home sits from the property lines, if it is allowed the builders will build. Wood comes from trees, trees grow outside, decay takes longer than a month, and the felt paper that the shingles are laid over protects the roof sheathing, the water will evaporate,at least the roofers were making an attempt to work instead of going home for the day. Give them some credit.


I think you work for Ryan :eek


This post was a joke, right? To my knowledge it take several months to build a home.

It also rains in the desert.

Materials are going to get wet. LOL


This post was a joke, right? To my knowledge it take several months to build a home.

It also rains in the desert.

Materials are going to get wet. LOL


It didn't rain when your house was built? If there was only a product out there that comes from trees and could get wet?

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Annapolis, Maryland
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We have been in our Ryan/Rymarc home for a year and a half ad are still trying to get the inital problems resolved. They never came back to fix any of the things on our punch kit. We had flat paint and semi gloss paint inter-mixed on our baseboards-some not painted....
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I was framing for a guy Carl smith in Columbia and Lexington sc and we finished framing a house in blythwood that someone one else started framing and we framed a house for them in. Lexington and me and other people has not being paid for our work yet

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Indianapolis, Indiana
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Ryan Homes - Buyers Beware

Whatever you do, DO NOT BUY A RYAN HOME. Ryan uses the cheapest materials and labor that money can buy and it shows. On the surface, a Ryan home looks great, but when you actually start living in one, you will be shocked to discover how poorly built the home actually is. I bought my "new" SFH last year, and my blood boils and I am embarrassed that I did not due my research when I made the largest purchase of my life. The landscaping material is poor and it looks like they bought everything at Walmart at a deeply discounted price. In my community, it is easy to distinguish the Ryan landscaping from the other builders. On the interior of my home, the paint job looks like some 6th graders had a paint party and painted the house. There was paint everywhere (windows, doorknobs, floors, etc.) The woodwork throughout the house is sub-par, the appliances are cheap and the insulation is a joke! You can actually hear when the bathroom is being used upstairs when you are in the family room or kitchen -- embarrassing. I could go on and on, but I will save my energy that I need to go on to deal with the many issues in my "new" Ryan home.
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Thanks for bringing this to everybody attention. @Inchworm_0515 (original poster), I am surprised, your experience exactly matching what I am currently undergoing..

thanks for penning down everything.. snatched my and I (in the fact most of Ryan Home owners) are sailing in the same junk boats built by one builder RYAN.


I feel very sad for those that get dooped into Ryan Homes. They are like mobile homes.

If you go into their model house everything echoes as you walk around and the walls and floors sound hallow. My parents and I were going in together so that I could purchase my first home and they would not ok a Ryan home. They were run out of the the South Particularly Texas because of their shotty workman ship. My husbands ex-wife got a Ryan Home most recently and well...because she has been so conniving and cruel to me without just cause...I'm looking forward to her upcoming so to come complaints.

Her first complaint was the 13,000 deck she purchased with her lakeside house she thought would be a wrap around deck turned out to be 9X9...Great deck for 13,000, not. I do feel bad for those of you though that have had to go through the troubles encounted by Ryan Homes however, Ryan, Ryland, and any large building company NVP which is the upper-end of Ryan can expect this.


I agreed with the complaints being stated against Ryan homes. They really do suck.

The workmanship,craftsmanship is very poor. The interior of the home steadily deteriorates. I would not advise anyone to purchase a Ryan homes,it has been a complete nighmare for me.

One of the biggest investment one can make in life and because of greed you have dishonest people building houses.I'm a living witness what goes around comes back to you.. God sees everything that you are doing.I dont know how one can sleep at night knowing that they are building houses that isnt fit for a animal to live in.


We have been in our Ryan/Rymarc home for a year and a half ad are still trying to get the inital problems resolved. It took a letter to Ryan's VP in Virgina to get things in our area.

They "fix" one thing and it creates another. We wait for hours on contractors who never show up, don't clean up after themselves and do a half a##ed job. They hire and fire people so face that it seems like there is no one left in teh office when we bought our home, May 2010. The only one left is the salesperson that falsified our change forms.

From what I understand, he is moving up in the company.

We are so fed up that and can't wait for the economy to improve so we can put this lemon on the market and to go back to renting!!


Its because of the way Ryan hires their contractors. Ryan sets the price and then the contractor has to agree. The only contractors who will agree to Ryans price use *** material and do *** work.

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Columbus, Ohio
Ryan Homes House Construction

Ryan sucks

Anyone who performs even the most superficial research on Ryan is well aware of the poor quality materials, workmanship and design of Ryan homes yet they sign up to build with Ryan anyway because they want a big, relatively inexpensive home. They hope their experience will be better than the experiences described in this website. However, the only consumers who are even remotely satisfied with Ryan are those who get lucky and whose homes are not rotting from water damage, leaking pipes, etc. or are to ignorant to realize the issues surrounding them. Builders like Ryan (and even worse Maronda) make it almost impossible for decent builders to survive and as a result, consumers like me are stuck picking from Ryan or Ryanesque quality homes. My wife and I have been looking for two years for a decent quality, moderate sized home for our family, but with few exceptions the homes where we live have been built by Ryan or "builders" who build to Ryan standards. I've asked the building inspectors in three of the municipalities for the names of good builders and all three said "there are no good builders left". I hope that every person buying a Ryan Home experiences the issues described in this website – you deserve it! Your unwillingness to buy a slightly smaller home and pay for quality is screwing consumers like me. I hope your roof caves in your head – maybe that will knock some sense into you!
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If you really go to church ask your spiritual leader about your conviction of "let it be done unto others, as long as it's not me then I don't care." Myself, I don't deal with people who have knowingly caused great harm for profit, even when taking a morally higher road brings on great loss to myself.


I'm in the process of checking out builders east of Cincinnati, Oh and Ryan is one of the builders I have met with. Do these problems seem to be across the board in all states that Ryan builds in? I see quite a few comments from folks in VA which is why I am asking.


Ok appreciate the advice, but is all the hate necessary. You sound ignorant.


when you visit a model home don't get in awe of the finishings. open the sink base cabinet, look at the pipes, wiggle them (they shoudln't), head to the basement and look at the floor wall connections for any sign of moisture, cracking, look in the sump pump unit if they have one-if dirty there getting some water-no biggie SOME TIMES, take a level with you and check framing, push and pull on the railings, don't be shy..kick the *** out of the place.

it could take you a life time to get out from under it if you don't.

pay for 2 home inspections if you have too. put a hose on the window seals to check for water leaks, walk in the bath tub to see if it bounces.


Every time I pass a new community on my way to my 80 year old neighborhood I laugh uneasily and grumble. For one, the homes are slapped together but somehow pass the miserably low codes which are lobbied to be that way..on and on.. So, as I drive by and see all the contracted migrant (legal?) workers from Norther VA. hammering away and green space being chewed up to the backdoors of historic neighborhoods, I flip the bird to everyone who contributes to the mess.

I now have to foot the bill through my taxes to pay for overcrowded schools, more Developer Roads, parks for the tuna canned newbies and all the garbage strip stores they bring and we all have to pay for. How many liquor stores and dry cleaners do you need? Well, dry cleaners anyways..

Bought politicians will say the homes are needed for the new influx of people (no jobs for them but welcome anyways). I don't think so. It's more of a let's build a *** load of dwellings and find buyers. *** the schools, congestion, historic spaces, older communities that become the driveway for particle board porches and rotting door frames.


You are absolutely right. I work for NVR and the materials they use now are complete garbage.


You have so much hate in your heart. Why would you wish bad things on people you don't know? You should probably think about going to church on Sunday!!

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Wexford, Pennsylvania
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Ryan homes lied and kept our money

We signed a contract with Ryan homes under that impression that as long as we did everything in "good faith" to get a loan, then we were in compliance with our contract. Well "good faith" is a very broad statement which Ryan homes used against us to keep our money. We were lied to by a salesman who promised "I have never seen Ryan Homes keep anyones deposit, in fact it is ILLEGAL to keep a buyers deposit." LIES. We provided all the documentation they asked for except for one of our W2's. We told Ryan from the beginning that we would not be able to provide this documentation because an extension had been filed and the W2 was not complete. They were fine with this. Now, our loan has not been approved and they are saying it is because we had not provided all our documentation in "good faith". Therefore they felt they were entitled to keep our $4,000 deposit. Our contract has been cancelled and now we are out $4,000. They are LIARS. This company will lie to you and steal your money. DO NOT use RYAN HOMES.
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contact state or U.S. Attorney consumer fraud division or Housing/lender dept.

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Randallstown, Maryland

Ryan Homes-Shoddy work

We bought a Ryan Home as a spec home in 2007. The original owners backed out at the last second. We thought this was great, we got a new home for a decent price. They were smart, because we have had issues ever since. When you buy a brand new home you don't expect to have to start fixing things right out of the gate. We have had several cracks in our basement walls allowing water to get into the basement. We are told this is from the house "settling". However, my parents built a house 20 years ago (not a Ryan Home) and have never had this issue. Also, our AC is already leaking which we found out is from a damaged coil, which we're told is most likely from when it was installed, so someone had damaged it putting in it! The drain in the basement that the washer uses to dispose of water was blocked because someone had backed into the PVC pipe in the driveway, cracked it, allowing pieces of pipe to clog the drain. This also resulted in a basement full of water. The windows are drafty and things in general are just falling apart!!
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Same as everyone else who have bought a Ryan home. After the one year warranty has expired they want nothing to do with you!

I have owned my new home for a year and a half and had a water leak in my morning room I called ryan they told me to call the company that installed the roof. After the issue was fixed by the roofing company they sent me a bill for $180.00 for a brand new home and roof?

Like I said same old story with Ryan they suck you in and after the year is up they want nothing, I mean nothing to do with you ever again. Very sad!!!!!


Thank you very much for the information. I'm in the market to purchase a home.


the people they use to roof the houses NAIL into the roof with support runners and don't seal them afterwards..... you notice the leaks AFTER they are out of the neighborhood, and someone will get back to you......

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Cleveland, Ohio
Ryan Homes House Construction
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Elkridge Crossing in Elkridge Maryland, So Many Lawsuits in One Community!

Our community is watching a residential community being developed by Ryan Homes and Brantly Development. The problem is that the community is slow to go up and there are so many lawsuits against the developer and home builder it is scary to buy. The lawsuits make buyers very weary about buying the community. Since Ryan Homes and Brantly development won't assist a consumer to find the lawsuits - we started to explain how to find the lawsuits in the state of Maryland. It is a sad day when we make the biggest investment of our lives and so many people are unhappy. Of course, you can't fight the mighty companies - some times you just need to post on websites like this!
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I understand completely especially when the litigation is causing other problems in Elkridge!! Extremely overcrowded schools.

No community center yes!! Come to GECA meetings and get involved to fight the Liparinis of the world!!


I would suggest spell check on your web page. It's hard for an individual to take you seriously. Just saying......

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Baltimore, Maryland

Ryan Homes

I am surprised by this site, it seems a little insane that all of these homes have issues. In our city builders must meet building codes and follow similar methods for building their homes. It seems like some people are never happy no matter what companies do. I live in a Ryan Homes in Ohio and have no issues with it. We visited the home while it was being built and saw city inspectors at the home a few times. I would not spend over 200,000 on a home I thought was going to fall apart. Just seems like this site is a place for crazy people to complain, they are probably unhappy in general.
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I built my home in 2003. My windows are leaking and my front door needs to be replaced because of rotting wood.

Buying this home was the biggest mistake we ever made. All the ten year warranties are worthless.


I love my Ryan home , the level of follow up is second to none. I have neighbors who built with another builder in the community and can never get anyone to call them back.

My project manager was great always called me back and stood by anything that wasn't correct. What more can you ask for?


Sounds like the biggest nightmare would be know knowing that guy!


It's really bad taste to *** on the pissed consumers here. The anon guy does work as a contractor for Ryan Homes, and the complaints about him, he should lose his license at least, or do jail time at most for things reported about him.

But he will remain anon here until one or the other happens.

There is a technique of teaching your customers to sell you or your product sometimes called creating a referral engine. I doubt this accounts for the apparently sudden outbreak of Ryan Homes blogs that invariably turn out to promote Ryan Homes.

I will eventually see how that scam started.

People tend to say you can't believe everything on the net, which is true, yet they selective believe things they want to.


Complete drivel! Happy customers don't scour the internet looking to negate the posts of victims.

There seems to be an ulterior motive here. It's apparent to me that "Love!," "Anonymous," and "Ryan Home Lover!

(from another review" are one and the same (trust me, I can tell). Apparently, this "happy homeowner" needs to hurt others to get his fix!


I also live in a Ryan Home in Ohio and have no problems. Happy so far!


I have a Ryan home in NE OH and wish I didn't. I have lived in it 4 years now and have put more time in trying to get my house fixed than I've spent relaxing in it.

Leaky roof, large wall cracks, leaking windows and now water coming up through the basement floor. I only found this out when my socks got wet walking around in my finished basement. I had water logged carpet. Pulled the carpet up and saw water coming up through the cracks.

I wish i9 stayed in my 25 year old house. It had a new roof and dry basement


And just one other factoid to address to Mr. imbecile Anonymous.

You directly say that some people are not happy regardless of what the Builder's do in an effort to compensate their defects that culminate into years of devastation as is our case. Let me reiterate, Fully informed, certified letters to each Board of Director's, given hundred's of opportunities to make ammends: response is to hire outside companies to try and force us to shut down out website, and never once an offer for restoration. Ha! I bet with your sarcastic unwillingness to acknowledge the facts, You would not be Happy, I would easily be able to intuit what You may indeed respond with~ but those responses would be censored.

Again, before You post something of which you know very little about, at least have the courtesy to do your research, living life short sighted is just plain pitiful. Just the facts, no melodrama's, or emotionalism. Be Aware. Be Selective.

Be Proactive. :roll


Wow, I have to say that the more I read over these posts, the more ignorance I cannot even believe I find. For Mr.

Anonymous, hiding behind leaving out your name, whether you are male or female certainly isn't factor. Your obvious total oblivious ignorance, You are the one who is quite possibly certifiable! Given the documented evidence provided on, and 100 CURRENT victims of Ryanhomes, as a consciousless builder~ Educate yourself! When you read the facts, unless your are mentally incapable of actually processing facts, then you would bow out and hold your ignorant tongue.

I hold 2 Degrees from a High profile college. Our website is an Advocate for Home Buyer's who want the American Dream and not to get devastation that we have lived and are recovering from. Frankly you are an ignorant ***, obviously incapable of comprehending facts, or better said, having any sort of care of other's wellbeings that Ryan Home's greed has maligned and fully informed turned a greedy blind eye to. Did you catch that?

Both Ryan Homes and NVR have been fully informed, and still never once have they even came remotely close to making ammends for the devastations wreaked by their shoddy practices. I think those reading, especially the one's who visit will know the only one possible incompetent and possibly bordering unstable, is Mr.

loud mouth Anonymous! :eek :x


100 current dissatisfied customers, doesn't even come close to 1% of Ryan Homes customer base for a year! You can't please everyone.

You are the minority. The other 99% are satisfied.

Good day. :)

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Columbus, Ohio
I have been in a Ryan home for 5 years and I have had MAJOR leaks every year - front door, bay window, roof in 4 places, etc. I've had the same leak around 2 separate windows "fixed" seven, yes seven times. It still leaks and they won't return my calls any...
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I can sympathize with Ryan customers who got stuck with these ***-boxes, but my advice to most people would be to simply steer clear of new houses. Since buyers have almost no recourse in many states and builders can always just put all their money in the mattress and declare bankruptcy (as the builder of my parent's house did), it's better to buy a house that's been around long enough for the repairable problems to have been fixed and for the un-repairable ones to become obvious.

I hear of many problems with vinyl siding, OSB and caulking, exactly the things I associate with shoddy construction. A properly flashed window shouldn't need any caulking to avoid water leaks (caulk should only be needed to stop air leaks); OSB can be protected, but if it gets wet, it quickly becomes "vertical mulch". Vinyl siding is so ugly it's hard to imagine a builder with any pride using the stuff; if you see a neighborhood that is slathered with it, you don't want to live there; it's also a fire hazard unless it's put up over exterior gypsum board.

My condo was originally built as a rental unit. No one would call it "high end", but the exterior walls are solid masonry, the bathrooms are fully ceramic tiled and nothing leaks :) .

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Bel Air, Maryland
im here to tell you the truth i worked for nvr ryan for 15 yrs and saw the *** that was being built if i or my other employees ever said anything we would be out of a job , isaw it happen many times . its all about profit and the *** with quality . the plant we worked...
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Is this a joke? Ok Mr.

Anon - I'm not sure what plant (or should I say planet) worked at but here in the US there are strict building codes and practices. What.A.Phoney....Wow.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Stay away from Ryan homes!

Wow! I just read a post below that their windows were changed due to a wind shear rating! We were told the same thing...we live in Cecil Co & Ryan homes pulled out & didn't even finish our development. Have had some minor issues with the house, including the whole basement flooding due to the sump pump being wired wrong. This happened 7 months after we moved in. The only reason Ryan fixed it is because we live right across from the model home & threatened to put a sign in our yard saying "Don't buy a Ryan home". Someone from higher up called us real quick. Overall, they lie like crazy & I wouldn't buy a Ryan home again. Buyer beware!
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Elkton, Maryland

Misled me on amenities

I bought a Ryan Home near Williamsburg, Va. summer of 2006, to be built by August, 2007. They made their deadline....barely. My complaint is that to "trigger" the sale of the home, the Ryan Homes sales person told us not to build a 3 car garage because,"We have a place to park boats". It's 2011 and there certainly is no place to park boats. Other lame promises: "We will have a swimming pool and a swim team". We FINALLY got a pool in 2010, but it's not configured for a swim team. They also told me the pond in front of our home would "have a fountain in it with nice landscaping around it." It was ALWAYS designated as a "dry pond" we found out later.
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Williamsburg, Virginia

You get what you pay for

ryan home is a low coast builder ever thing they use from cheap materials to very cheap labor thats y they sell homes for so cheap a good builder cant compete with them. thats y there homes fall apart . build the same kind of house you have with a good builder it will coast you more but you wont have any problems and the value will always go up verses trying to get your money back or even lose money so be smart and god bless and if you do build with ryan keep your eyes open from start to finish of construction and make sure theres a good inspector on the job inspecting every thing
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Ryan Homes will destroy and lower the value of good neighborhoods. Our community had vacant lots amongst custom homes so Ryan purchased them.

Ryan then proceeded to build very cheap houses. They put homes which are mainly comprised of vinyl siding (brick front) amongst homes that are entirely brick.

The interior of the Ryan homes have no trim work, cheap carpet/cabinets/counters, and no landscaping. The ethical values at Ryan Homes are truly's all about the almighty dollar in their pockets and is at the expense of others.


That's all Ryan sells, "Square Footage" - big cheap boxes at below market rates. Ryan Homes will never put value in your pocket if it takes money out of theirs.


I've been in my ryan home for 1 year. The mexicans fixing our roof said they were told to originally not put flashing around the chimney to save on cost.

Now we have leaks coming through the drywall in our master bedroom, greeaaattt! They supposedly fixed this problem by breaking down the chimney and putting flashing in. All other Ryan houses in our community got the fix too.

Was flashing left off the rest of the roof? New Albany Ohio


All of you who think that you can get the same square footage ( with the same quality) for less than the current industry rate give me a call. I have a bridge to sell you.

You are the same folks that believe that an Audi and a Ford Focus are of the same quality because they both have wheels.

Ryan sales? Ask another broker if they will show you a Ryan home?


I agree Ryan Homes is a subpar builder with good customer service, but *** poor quality and bandaid approaches to fixing problems. Advice look elsewhere you probably won't regret it.


We purchased a Ryan Home less than a year ago. Since it was our first home purchase, we were ignorant of what to look for, but we did have it inspected.

Now, less than a year later, all the walls are cracking in every corner and every tape strip, the caulk has pulled away from the walls, the cold air blows in around all the baseboards, and the poor quality is showing everywhere.

I would NOT recommend a Ryan home for anyone if you can afford a better quality one! It will cost us twice as much to re-do everything that is falling apart!

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Dallas, Texas
Ryan Homes House Construction

Poor workmanship and no quality control

Will just state the facts: House not centered on foundation. Every wall had at least four major flaws. Driveway had to be replaced. Spacing issue's with wood floors. Upgraded cabinets are of same quality of stock items. Project Manager had no knowledge of construction. 75% of the windows had to the drywall removed and replace because of curves. Tapping and mudding is the worst I've seen. You can see every tape line in the ceilings. Lighting fixture had very large hole behind them, I guess if you don't see it's not a mistake. All the walls bow. Have been the house a year and 2 months and still finding issue. Ryan has so called fixed some issue, but will quickly bring out the housing code's to say, well in with in 1/2 in. I would recommend, if you are going to have a house build don't. Find one that is a least 25 years old and fix it up. At least when you paint a wall the line will straight between the wall and ceiling.
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Being a Ruan Home owner since 2007, I would have to agree with pretty much everything the anonymous home owner mentioned above. I have had to have my entire bay window replaced due to excessive leaking; the electric/gas fireplace stopping working within 6 months of the house being built; there doesn't appear to be a straight wall or angle in the entire house; the finish work is terrible.

The fact Ryan went through several on-site project managers within months of my moving is, in my opinion, not coincidental!

Would never buy another Ryan home and would never recommend one. Unskilled labor and ineffective site management is ultimately the likely root cause here.


I would like to know where your house was built

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Washington, District Of Columbia
Ryan Homes House Construction