I am hear to tell you that after building with Ryan Homes 19 years ago I would do it again in a heart BEAT ! We could not be happier with our house after all these years!

We have had little to no settling or cracking or any issues at all with our home ! The only issue we had was with the big front window that after 10 years it rotted out..I called they agreed to pay for the window and we payed for the labor! I felt that was very more than Fair. As with anything you should pay attention to your build as we did.

Be educated on what to look for.

But 1000% would build again..... We Love our home and feel it was extremely well built.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ryan Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Ryan Homes Pros: That my home is 19 years old and i love it.

Ryan Homes Cons: That you wont build off site.

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I didn't know the Amish were illegal?

Ps. I'm in commercial construction and the foreign crews are usually better then most of the American crews, too many drugs or drunks.


You didn't have as many illegals involved in the building process as you do now where profit is now the game over workmanship. When you purchase your new home and if it is a Ryan then let us all know if you hold those same views. My bet is you won't.