Built our Ryan home in 2005 and have stuck it out for the past 12 years. Looking forward to selling in the next 3-5 years once the last kid goes off to school.

Will NEVER buy another Ryan house again. Period. The list is the same as everyone else on here: poor workmanship, minimal quality materials, have had to replace 1 of 2 HVAC systems, etc. Neighbors have experienced the same.

Most folks have replaced furnaces, a/c units, hot water heaters, various appliances, flooring, etc. One neighbor even had to spend $5000 to rewire her house in order to rectify sockets/switches that were continually failing. All of these homes are 12 years old or less.

Lesson learned and sharing it hear so that others can avoid stepping into the same *** that is a Ryan home. Good luck!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

Preferred solution: Want to help others avoid the same BS that I've experienced! .

Ryan Homes Pros: So far disappointed, Location.

Ryan Homes Cons: Cheap products that they installed, Hiding the defects of the home under the surface.

Store Location: 550 Hidden Stream Ct, Westminster, MD 21158, USA

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Hi. Would love to chat. I am looking for other Maryland residents to join forces in bringing our concerns to the attention of Maryland officials and press.


I owned a brand new Ryan home for four years and recently sold it. I had nothing but problems with it that one would have thought that I bought a handyman special.

I had 2 of the four kitchen appliances break down, the refrigerator replaced as it was too costly, a compressor problem, to fix. HVAC breaking down 7 times. Roof shingles blowing off the roof as well as siding in some spots during days with moderate wind of 25 miles per hour. There were water leaks in the garage .

Several doors were out of line and never closed properly ever after they were supposedly fixed.I could go on about a number of other defects. Just glad to unload that nightmare.