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Almost bought a 10 acre Ryan built house with small barn and fenced in pasture in Ryan planned subdivision, was ready to make offer, until we found out, can't have any animals but horses, can't fire any weapons (including BB guns) can't have a UTV, can't hunt.....etc. These builders are communist agenda 21 community builders. They buy up huge tracks of good land, sub-divide it, and then place deed restrictions and HOA's to turn it into a nice... Read more

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We've had our fair share of crappy dealing with Ryan Homes. We had our house built last year and it's a good thing we went to all the contractor's meetings. During one walk through we pointed out that they had the lay out wrong in the kitchen, we paid for the upgraded "Gourmet" Kitchen that came with double wall ovens. They had it laid out for a standing range and a pantry. We go upstairs to the master and the bathroom was wrong too. They had... Read more

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This is aggravating because we have been dealing with and trying to fix this issue for 15 years+ as if it were our fault. We just had the air conditioning "specialists" leave our home and they have determined the installation of our unit and the piping to go with it is incompatible. the unit that was installed is too small for the size of the home. that we should have had two units installed. we have struggled for the last 15 years trying to get... Read more

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My Ryan home is 1 year and 10 months old. Flooring warranty was 1 year and they repaired several loose floorboards during that year. 9 more in ONE room are now loose. (Flooring glued to slab). This goes beyond minor post warranty complaints. My neighbor just had them tear up and redo his entire floor for this same reason (within the one year warranty). Ryan Homes (NV Homes) refuses to send out a work order and said that I have to get my... Read more

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I bought my home from ryan home and they used the cheapest materials thd windows are crappy and it is not insulated properly i live in a ice box because thsts how its cold in the winter

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Ryan homes shorewood towne center illinois craxked in half driveway
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We closed in june of 2015 and in august my 3 car driveway cracked in half and I let the pm know about it and he said address it at the 30 day which I did with nothing said or done so at , y 10 month I addressed it again and was told they wouldn't fix it so then I called and emailed the illinois branch and talked to scott pjesky the division manager he said unless it is in spec of their warranty they wont replace it and I think its wrong it was... Read more

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We have lived in our so called new Ryan home for 6 months and every month we have had Ryan homes subcontractors to fix, repair, replace, or correct their errors or their negligence! Horrible construction, horrible customer service, horrible all around!!

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Ryan Homes - Not standing by you word
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When I bought my home I said I wanted to put my own ingrained pool. Now they are saying that not only do I have room for a pool but the easement stops me from putting in a deck that should be done, my yard is a wreck with a big hole I was told would be filled is not. I was told that 3 yards are done in a day but the private company took an entire day to do theirs. It was shorter then mine and now is larger. It is a mess. I was also told about... Read more

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My house was built in 2008 bought my house in 2010, since the day we moved in I have had trouble with the downstairs AC unit, it would not come off the downstairs floor, sometimes during the summer I would have a repair at least twice during the summer. Yesterday once again the unit would not cool off the downstairs, call for repair and was told that my compressor was shot and they were unable to find the leak so it would be unwise to repair the... Read more

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Ryan Homes - Bulk Furnance Buy Plus More Issues
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I have a 2 story home built in October 2003 with a move-in 2004 FEB. For 12 years we have had a noisy furnace at the air intake. We were told it was normal because of the size of our home (3280 sq ft). We always had to turn the TV up when the system was running or completely turn it off to enjoy a conversation. We accepted that, even though we had two systems. As it turns out our system at the 12-year mark failed 15 April 2016 and we had... Read more

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