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BEWARE!! Ryan Homes is the worst company to ever deal with! And Joshua Pardue is a scammer at its best!! Add comment

In 2015 we purchased a ryan home that was supposedly new and ever since we moved in we've had to deal with these gross looking bugs that come out in their numbers at night. I put in a service request since we are still within the one year maintenance warranty and according to the representative I spoke with, "pest control isn't a part of the maintenance package" and she recommends that I procure the services of an exterminator at my own expense! That left me speechless. You sell us a bug infested town-home and you expect us to handle that... Read more

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Ryan Homes built our townhouse neighborhood with very narrow streets. Parking is not allowed on the streets (to allow emergency vehicles to get through), and there aren't enough spots for all the residents (Ryan Homes counted everyone's garage as a parking space - good job, geniuses), and I can't have guests come over! We need expansion of and construction of side parking lots, and Ryan Homes refuses to accept responsibility and refuses to help us! Buyer beware! Read more

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Ryan Homes - Massive hole dug in community space left there for 4 months now!
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Fieldcrest Community: upon completely of our development, the open space was seeded & all was well, Then after 2 weeks, a massive 100'x150' ft. 2 ft deep hole was dug with broken boards etc. littering the hole. This has now been 4 months & neither the HOA or Fieldcrest will do anything about it. HOA says its devopers fault, HRV can get no response developer, I have now learned the hole was to bury rocks from phase 3 however they have decided not to do this so the hole just sits there! Read more

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I am finding as each month passes, that there are a number of areas where Ryan Homes cut cost, leading to a poorly constructed home and very poor craftsmanship. There are a number of repairs that I am doing, and I am only three years into my home. The unfortunate part is that many of my neighbors are having similar issues and there has been no contact from the president, who I have emailed and called the office to speak with several times! Read more

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Bought townhome in 2015. Built in 1996. All materials used are the cheapest. Replaced all electrical outlets and switches. Switches were not grounded. Extra wall switches installed that are not connected to anything. Of course, the county signed off on all this ***. Wonder what the inspector got? Installing new sink in kitchen. Hole is so large, the sink is barely hanging in there. Caulk the *** out it! (Can't afford to remodel kitchen.) Wall tapes puckering off, windows not square, rooms not insulated. Toilets not installed... Read more

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I've been in my Ryan home since Jan 2014. I decided to get gas heat instead of electric all through the house. It has been the worst experience. They need a better setup system for the gas furnace so that the condensation that has to leak doesn't freeze. When that occurs it causes the gas furnace to constantly shutoff and the house to be extremely cold. Its ridiculous, I have a brand new house with problems of an old house. Just disgusted!!!!! Read more

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Was sold LVT flooring and received vinyl plank, an inferior product. They refused to replace or refund $ and also acknowledged others have complained about same issue. The blow ball used to test waste, water lines, etc was never removed resulting in a flood on 1st floor. Area manager was hesitant about covering costs for hotel stay while Serv Pro removed flooring, baseboards, and set-up dehumidifiers for 3 days. Parents were visiting during this time period. Tried to patch bathroom floor vs replace due to their error. I could see the glue and... Read more

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Ryan Homes better be careful how they advertise 55 or better communities. They may may have law suit on their hands. There are many residents in or community that are NOT 55 or older. One unit was handled by Howard County and the county put a resident in a unit knowing full well that there was an under-aged chid living there because I informed the County employee myself in the presence of another unit owner. I have to enter at least 80 words so I will say how disgusted I have been and continue to be about the extremely poor way the actual... Read more

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I am continually getting more and more pissed off at the way that the roof was put onto my home 11 years ago. We are in the midst of quite the wind storm and for the 6th time in the last 8 years we are losing shingles. I have had to have my insurance here each time to get the shingles replaced. Each time is in a different area of our roof. I'm going to need to do a total replacement due to your contractors' crappy work. There are a multitude of houses in our Stablegate Neighborhood in Canandaigua, NY that are going through the same thing.... Read more

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