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Was sold LVT flooring and received vinyl plank, an inferior product. They refused to replace or refund $ and also acknowledged others have complained about same issue. The blow ball used to test waste, water lines, etc was never removed resulting in a flood on 1st floor. Area manager was hesitant about covering costs for hotel stay while Serv Pro removed flooring, baseboards, and set-up... Read more

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Ryan Homes better be careful how they advertise 55 or better communities. They may may have law suit on their hands. There are many residents in or community that are NOT 55 or older. One unit was handled by Howard County and the county put a resident in a unit knowing full well that there was an under-aged chid living there because I informed the County employee myself in the presence of... Read more

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I am continually getting more and more pissed off at the way that the roof was put onto my home 11 years ago. We are in the midst of quite the wind storm and for the 6th time in the last 8 years we are losing shingles. I have had to have my insurance here each time to get the shingles replaced. Each time is in a different area of our roof. I'm going to need to do a total replacement due to... Read more

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This is our second major issue through the home purchase of a Ryan home; the previous issue we met half way with the division manager (who is now replaced). This last weekend, we were called by the sales representatives at May's Quarter; when we went to meet them in person, we were simply told that our lot we selectively chose was now too small to build our home on. We would have to choose a... Read more

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Terrible!!! Don't buy these'll be sorry! Very cheaply built! They build your house with the cheapest products they can get! It's a money pit! Run!! Add comment

My husband and brother in law went to put in my master bath gutted for 8 ddyears because the drain for the bathtub was so messed up that the Ryan Rep was out a few years ago and said that it was normal from seeing it from the top of the floor. After my husband and brother in law tore a hole in my family room to reach the guts of the drain for the tub and found that the plumbing was not up to... Read more

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Review about Ryan Homes House Construction from Smithfield, Virginia
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Im a first time home owner, yes im very pissed i haven had the moment to enjoy this house my drive way is a mess i was told it dosent come with a warrent so its gonna stay my cabnets are falling apart my inside bannister is crooked the put caulking to make it look like its gixed i hsd over 90 things fix but not the correct way only to there satisfaction when its not tjere home my grass was put... Read more

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I settled on my new town-home on 30-June-2015. I should've KNOWN then there would be LOTS of PROBLEMS as the property was scheduled for settlement and had to be off the Ryan Homes books by the end of the month. I have had issue, after issue, after issue.... Now that I resided in the home for 4 months I am now experiencing a RODENT problem. I had the wrong size deck installed, broken cabinet... Read more

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This would be the THIRD time that I have the same issue of my sinks flooding over due to someone taking a bath upstairs of just washing up. The sinks would flood over, but before that, my laundry room would get flooded first because it's the lowest point...that in turn leaks down to my basement causing wood and floors to accumulate moisture. I called services and they sent a contractor over and... Read more

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100% FULL

Ryan Homes - Poor Response from Warranty and Poor workmanship
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I have been trying to get my first floor tile repaired since April, William Ryan has used cheap labor to do the tile work in my home, I paid almost $11,000 for the tile on my first floor, it is missing grout throughout and floor is stained, the bathroom wlla tiles look like a five year old installed them. According to the floor comapny that William Ryan used, my floor is within industry standard... Read more

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